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Colour Masterbatch
Colour Masterbatch

Colour Masterbatch

As an expect among the plastic colour matching industry we are enthusiastic/passionate in bringing the industry above and beyond. We possess over 5000 colours of master batches along with shade database and spectrophotomer to ensure a unique customer service. Quality control and product safety are two principles that can drive us towards meeting customers’ needs. Hence our team of technicians are consistently inputting their expertise and ideas in pigments, plastic materials and providing solutions to various products (FDA grade, Toys, Cosmetic or Armamentariums etc.).  


 Strong UV stability, Weatherproofing

 RoHS 2.0 & SVHC 168 substances standard

 EN71-3 & PAHs Annex II standard

 Underwriters Laboratories Inc. UL94 HB standard

 All applications and carriers

 Engineering Plastic & Elastic Plastic

 Metallic Colours

           Fluorescent Colours