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About Ching Leung

About Us

Ching Leung Plastic Colourists Ltd. was founded in 1991.  For over two decades as an innovative veteran in masterbatch. We are an expert in all kinds of services. These include




 Colour Matching 



We had also established 精亮Ching Leung™ and 卡麗色® as subsidiaries to serve a wider range of market needs. Our primary production plant in TangXia, DongGuan has been producing exceptional masterbatch within the mainland market since 1999.  In addition, a secondary production plant that specializes in 卡麗色® black masterbatch was also built in 2003 to meet the uprising demand.  Providing the most economic yet preeminent quality of products is always our priority. With perseverance and renovation, we expanded our market and brand robustly in the past 20 years. To sustain our pioneer position, we have been proactively developing sophisticated apparatuses such as double-screw extruders, two-roll machine and colour matching scrutinizer to improve production efficiency via rigorous monitoring over the manufacturing processes.